Start 2016 Today

It’s the day after Christmas and we have 5 days left in 2015. It’s important to spend time with our loved ones as we celebrate our accomplishments we’ve had in 2015. It is equally important to start those goals you’ve set for yourself for 2016. What you do in the next 5 days, determines how you will start 2016.

Start Today

As December started, I told myself that in 2016 I would publish my book, do more presentations, and launch my website. I thought, wow, you’re going to just wait until the New Year begins to work toward your dreams? HOW AVERAGE! …So, I started my “2016 goals” in 2015. I told myself that before I go into a year doing things I did the year before, I needed to get a head start on my dreams.

Preparation is Keyfail to prepare

There is still plenty of time in 2015 to prepare yourself for 2016. Before the year ends, ask yourself: Who and where do you want to be? What do you want to do and why?  Think about where you were a year ago from today and what you wanted for 2015. Reflect on the things you’ve done well and the things you need to improve in order to achieve your goals. Take time to write these things down so that you’re able to see your dreams and goals written out.

Good Vibes Only 

Take time to enhance your personal, physical, social, and physical environment that will allows you to reach your goals.

Good Vibes OnlyGet rid of things and people that do not bring you happiness or joy. This is important! Keeping negative, unproductive things and people will only create a negative and unproductive environment for you. It may be hard to get rid of habits, friends, or family, but it is all about you and what you want! Some things have to go, so that you can grow!

Take time to figure out what you don’t have but need! This could include mentors and influential people, books and intellectual material, and working space just as office space. Take time to figure out what will help change your environments so that you have positive vibes and good energy to work on yourself and your goals.

Do all that you can do today! Do not put off tomorrow what you could do today!

It is not enough to do what you did yesterday. You will only get what you got yesterday. That concept is the same for the coming year, change your behavior and action so that you can go beyond yesterday and get things you’ve never gotten before.

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination!

Life is about who you are, not where you’re going. It is important that you make adjustments to who you are, so that the goals you set for yourself align with the person you’re becoming.

The new year presents an opportunity to make the most of the next 12 months, achieving goals, and going beyond you ever thought you could!

In 2016 you plant seeds and you will see the product and rewards from the seeds planted in 2015 and previous years. Time doesn’t slow down, it is a constant energy that we must understand and take advantage of. Do all that you can in this time, on this day, in this year. You must use all the time that you have.

“You must take advantage of the opportunity, in the lifetime of the opportunity.”-Eric Thomas


Don’t underestimate the time you have, assuming there will be another time for something to happen. Do all that you can right now, in this year so that your new year will start with drive, passion, and ambition. You’re not in competition with anyone, but yourself. So outdo yourself by going beyond what you did last year, so that next year can be greater than this year!

Use your time wisely!  Don’t wait until the clock runs out on this day, month, or year to start working on new goals. Use all the time you have and remember that you will continue be who you are, unless you change what you do.

2016 is Your Year!! Take Advantage of the Next 5 Days, Start 2016 Today!


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