Life Is A Photo Shoot


I had my branding photo shoot the first Sunday of the year and it was so amazing! After it was over, it made me think about the lens we take on life. If you’re not in front of the camera, you’re behind it capturing someone else’s life and special moments. Get in front of the camera and stop watching other people make their dreams a reality. It is okay to get behind the camera to enjoy accomplishments of others and moments with your family and friends. But you need to forever be capturing moments and memories of your own life.

This is Your Photo Shoot


Life is created by what you believe, see , and do. Get in front of life and start creating your own memories. Create your own reality. There will be times when you need to edit and crop some things out of the photo. Start living the life you love by creating accomplishments and moments that you will be able to proudly look back on and share with the world. We all have dreams and goals that we haven’t tapped into yet, but now is a better time IMG_8266than ever to start reaching for those things you want! Now is a better time than ever for you to get in front of the camera of your photo, your life!

We all have a purpose! 

Before you can schedule your photo shoot, you must visualize how you want the photos to turn out by preparing what you will wear, how you will look, and most important, who will take your photo! Don’t worry about the price for the shoot,  if you really want your dreams to become a reality, the price won’t matter. Use what you have to get what you want. Your gifts will make room for you!

Share Your Happiness

I posted a few of my photos on social media and waited for the likes to roll in. I realized that likes can be associated with approval and told myself that if no one likes the photos, they were my moments and memories and were not taken for the approval of others. But what I realized was that the photos I loved and shared, were photos others loved and shared. The moral of the story is, love yourself, with or without the approval of others. Love what you produce. Although the mission is not to gain approval, you will learn that people support confidence and happiness. It is not important to gain approval from others. It’s about sharing your passion and happiness so that someone else will see their passion and happiness. I take pride in people seeing something in me, that brings out something in themselves.

More importantly, I am doing what I love and that is all that matters. Get in front of the camera and start making your dreams a reality.

You have the power to create whatever you desire! IMG_8246


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