I’m Writing My 1st Book!


the art of writing

I started 2016 promising myself that I would write & publish my first book before the year ends. I looked up today & it was already June 1st (It was literally just January). I’ve been working on so many different things ->walking by faith & living in my purpose – but I’ve let my book slip away from my list of priorities. I must admit, God has really been showing me Who I am &  Where I need to be. I’ve given God my attention & dedicated 2016 as my year of clarity – as I listening &  believe everything He’s showing me. God & I have been sooooooo close this year: talking, crying, walking, flying:He’s certainly my Best Friend! -He Love Me -& You too 😉!) So, it is time for me to sit down, focus, and keep my commitment! 

So – I’m writing my first book!

As I’ve found different ways to express myself and encourage others, I know now that words are so powerful! They can be said and written in so many different ways & when used appropriately, can help change all of our lives. I began writing in 1 of my journals-I have 5 now- and I discovered that I haven’t *really* utilized the gifts and time that I have. Sometimes, we have to prepare ourselves for the many tImage result for writing a bookhings God wants us to do. I’ve been preparing, now I have to step out on faith -into my purpose- and write my first book! I’ve already started writing and have the chapters outlined, I just need to set a deadline, commit to writing everyday, and get this thing done. So here it is: 

📌My Deadline: I will write my first book by Monday, August 15, 2016. I will publish and release the book by Saturday, October 22, 2016. HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!!

📌My Commitment:
I will write for at least an hour everyday with the goal of writing AT LEAST  750 words a day (6 days/week) -& 4,500 words a week. [45,000 words total]

🚩** My Goal: Write A Book That  Will Help Others Grow, Love & Live More Abundantly**

My first book (yes there will be more📚) will be a self-help guide, focused on helping people achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams, LOVE their lives, & [most importantly] LIVE FOR GOD. I’ve learned a lot on this journey discovering myself -& God has put it on my heart to share those things with the world. I truly believe that anything we put our heart, mind, and prayer to CAN be done! God has given me this gift of gab & I’m going to use it to help other people & change the world!!

And The LORD answered me, and said,  Write the vision & make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. -Habakkuk 2:2

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