I need more CRAZY friends

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I’ve been thinking, I need more friends. Not better friends. Just more crazy friends. When you say you need better friends, it  seems like you’re putting your current friends down, and I love my friends. I love everything about who they are, what they do, and how we contribute to each others lives. But I realize there is always room for greater connections and relationships with people. The current friends I have are awesome for where I am now. I know that they we’ll continue to support each other, but I think as you start moving closer to your dreams and goals you realize there is beauty in having people around who share similar areas of dreaming, growing, and glowing with you. I sometimes find it hard to communicate certain things with my friends because I think I sound crazy. I sound like a crazy girl, with crazy dreams, crazy goals, and a crazy look in my eye. I start to feel like there are things some of my friends can’t relate about.

Me: Girl I will not be in Indiana for too much longer. I’m about to quit my job and move to California.

Friend: Why California? Why would you quit your job? Where would you live? What would you do?

Me: You know, work on myself. Pursue my dreams. Build my brand. Grow my YouTube channel. Increase my following on social media. Get into acting out there. You know?

Friend: Okay Girl.

This is literally how most of my conversations with my friends go. Although I am not mad, having someone who can relate to you and show you that they too are crazy. They too have crazy dreams. They too want to go beyond what society and their family said they could do. . .

I lost a friend. It’s kind of sad but not really. I mean is it really sad when your time with that person is officially over? I feel like you have to deal with losing a friend as you would with losing a boy/girl friend. I mean she didn’t die. We just aren’t friends. I remember having a conversation with her one day and thinking, we aren’t friends. Like I don’t get her, she doesn’t get me. We’re at different places in our lives. Maybe we’re suppose to help each other. You know those friendships were each person brings something completely different to the table. I thought this was that friendship. But it was really just the two of us, holding on to each other because we had time and a few memories involved and we didn’t know how to let each other go. I really wish her well and pray that she gets all of the desires of her heart. But I know, we can’t be friends. I share this because it is something I struggled with. Like no, maybe it’s you! Maybe you’re the problem and the people you see yourself drifting away from, they get it. You should work on being a better friend. Figure out what it is that you do that makes you point the finger at someone else and drive them away. Maybe you should stop sharing your dreams and goals with people because ‘you we’re given this vision and not them.’ Maybe, they’re in touch with reality and you’re tripping. Yes, maybe I’m tripping.

Or maybe, I need crazy friends. People who want to quit their jobs and move to wherever it is they want to be, doing whatever it is they want to do with their lives.

Not because their crazy people.

Just because they have ‘crazy’ dreams. . .

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