Thoughts before bed

As I reflect on my day, I lay in bed thinking about how productive I’ve been today. I know, I’m super weird and corny but I take great pride in utilizing my time, especially my weekends wisely. There are days when I relax and let my hair down. I travel often and I will be traveling the coming week, so I had to get several things done before the week starts. I don’t know if I’m a perfectionist. I like to think I’m one of those ‘let’s get it done and out of the way’ kind of girl. I hate procrastination. I can’t do it. It makes me nervous. Seriously, I would rather do a project the day I’ve been given it, as opposed to waiting until a few days before it’s due. I think I like to have time for ‘just in case.’ You know when things are planned and right before you leave, hit submit, or right when you get on the plane you realize you left your kid at home in the attack (name that movie!) Just saying, I like to get things done so that I don’t forget and have stress because I don’t have enough time to really think things through. 
I like to think I’m a thinker, I like to think. Simple, I know. But everybody doesn’t like to think. I know we all can think of at least most of us can, but I like to sit back and reflect on everything. Growing and learning is something that happens only when you’re acceptable to the idea of learning! There are sooooo many teachers (not the ones in schools) who have so much to teach you. We have so much to do and learn in this world, it is a wonder anyone ever gets tired? Doesn’t accomplish their goals, or stop altogether. 
Today, I had a discussion in one of my group chats and I realized there is a great deal of peer pressure and a need to do ‘group think’ abaojt controversial issues that most of us should agree with. I don’t like group think. Even if I have the same idea as you, I would rather say I don’t agree so that we both have a chance to understand the entire story, as much as we can, before we jump or drive to the nearest conclusion together. I would rather sit and think about how so many people would respond. And then I think about what I value and how I think I should respond. I don’t have to based my feelings or thoughts on anyone else’s. Because I have thoughts of my own. I have dreams of my owns . .


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