Waiting … 

I learned how to be more patient by waiting. Waiting is good👀 It’s not too bad when you have a good spirit and maybe a good book to read. Or a good podcast to listen to, or a good album to catch up with. Depends on what you’re waiting for. I learned how to wait by having other people wait for me. I started to get such backlash from people being extremely offended by my tardiness and for a really long time, I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t just show up late too 🤷🏽‍♀️ I mean you know me. You know I’m going to be late 🙋🏽 

And then I got a job. Well, I mean a real job. Because I was always late to my other jobs. The ones I was just doing because, so I never really felt a need to really be on time. I believe in grace periods. They’re made for you to not panic and for you to add a little more glitter and confirm with yourself that the color of your shirt really does go well with your shoes💃🏽 
And then I got a job. I got organized. I started ‘adultung.’ And today, someone has me waiting. I mean who does she think she is making me wait!!! Don’t you know how to be professional? You couldn’t email or shoot me a message saying you’re running late. Don’t you know that when you say you’re going to be somewhere you actually need to be there. On time. Ready to start the meeting, begin the show, get things rolling. But I’m just waiting.
 In this moment of frustration I could only laugh because here I am thinking about how little effort this person must put into their life and ability to be on time. But I’m waiting. Smiling. Because a part of me knows the good feeling of really taking my time and making sure everything was together. Waiting. Wondering why in the heck I ever thought it was okay to leave someone waiting. I now wonder what others would do when they were waiting for me. What they thought of me…. I hate that I made people wait for me. It was rude, it wasn’t kind and it wasn’t considerate. 

…Still Waiting 

Honestly it’s not so bad. I now I have a free minute to think, to kind of clear my head and release my thoughts. . . 

She’s here.
That felt good .



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