Just be

‪Thriving not surviving. ‬
‪Living not healing. ‬
‪Seeking not found. ‬

I think we sometimes try to compare where we were to where we are. Where were going or where we want to be to where we’ve been. It is always better to embrace the moment. Focus on the moment. Focus on how you can grow and prosper and be right now. As you are. Not as you were or as you will be. Just as you are. There is nothing more precious than the current moment. Yet so many people want to be somewhere else. Happiness is a state of mind. Something so many people are searching for in things, people, and even in themselves. How it must feel to search for happiness, even in yourself. Only to discover that it was there all along. You just couldn’t see it. You couldn’t feel it. You wanted something else and happiness was waiting right inside of you. We feel like we have to constantly be doing something in order to be happy. We have to be around other people. We have to be in love. We have to be with family. We have to be ‘living our dream.’ All you have to do is just be . .

Just listen.

 Just feel. 

Just be


2 thoughts on “Just be

  1. I so really needed to hear this I am in such a place in my life right now that I am confused about some of my choices that i made earlier but now I am just gonna take stand for those

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    1. I was feeling a similar way for a little while and really had to take time to appreciate all that has happened (good & bad) so that I can be happy where I am! Things will keep moving & working out for you! 💞🙌🏽


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