I’m Doing Book Reviews

I read.          A lot. 

Usually I take what I’ve read and jot down notes, ideas, and thoughts into a journal that I like to call my ‘reading journal’ [check out my ‘journaling 1-on-1’ video on YouTube- Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOdkrhbCNc0&t=129s ]. Lately, I’ve been regretting keep all those gems and my insight on those books to myself. So I’ve decided to start writing reviews on the books I read. book review photo

This will not be a spoiler, this will just be my thoughts and advice about rather you should read a book or not. Of course, this is all my opinion, hence why it is on my website. Lol. Just saying. I promise to be unbiased and to share how I feel and my reaction to the books. There are some books I have already read that I will either read again or review my notes to tell you if you should read them or not. I will post all reviews as a blog and then again on my ‘favorite books to read’ tab. Link: https://ashleygulley.com/favorite-books-to-read/

I will try to keep the ‘Must Read’ List to 15! I’ve read a lot of books and although many are good and worth the read, there are some that I have either stopped reading half way through, or skipped around because they were not interesting to me. . But I will tell you why and still encourage you to read and share your thoughts with me! 

Also share any books you’d like me to review! 



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