Maybe, we’re not meant to be understood…

I was thinking to myself, ‘You know, some people will never understand you.’ -& then I thought, ‘I don’t know if we were ever really meant to be understood.’ There is beauty in what is unknown. If you don’t know a person, that means there is so much more to explore within and with that individual. We want comfort so much, that we would rather make friends with 10 people, than be friendly with 100 strangers.

We want intimacy, but we lack patience. We want empathy, but we lack compassion.

I know there is a saying, ‘you must understand, in order to be understood.’ But what if we don’t have to understand each other. I am not here for you to understand me. I am here to be me. Not to be understood by you or anyone else. I am here to live my life and become who it is I am meant to be in this world. Not to be understood. And not really to understand. Because to understand someone else, I have to take the time to try to figure out who they are, what they do, and what it is they bring to this world. In doing so, I must observe that person and create an opinion based on my observation. But I don’t want an opinion.  I don’t need to be able to think about who this person really is so that I can understand them.

Maybe, we’re not meant to be understood.


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