Thank God for daylight saving …#HappySpring

The 1st two week after daylight savings time has been awesome for me! I know some people have a hard time adjusting, but I appreciated the longer days! I feel like I am able to get so much more done and I can really appreciate the day. Although it is dark when I get up, having that extra hour in the evening really makes a difference! 

I was looking forward to the 1st day of spring. I wanted to see the sun rise and set. I wanted to calculate how many hours of sunlight we really had on Monday. But it was cloudy in Indiana. Which brings me to my next point. Although day light savings and spring came right on time, so did cold weather and dark clouds. Perks of living in the Midwest. We have this mystery weather that we can never predict or get away from. But that didn’t stop me from being productive!

 Cloudy weather and a few crazy winds didn’t stop me. I got so much done this past week it was insane. I think part of my enjoyment was solely based on the daylight and the two or three days of sunshine! I’ve learned how to look on the brighter side of things, embracing what I like in every situation that I don’t really have energy to think about what I don’t like. So thank God for daylight saving!

I’m so looking forward to Spring!

Happy Spring


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