Having the Flu Sucks!

Being Sick really sucks. You never really stop to appreciate good health until you’re sick. I’m missing my good health right now. I’ve been laying in bed for the majority of the day wondering how I could have prevented this illness. I don’t know if it was just one thing or one person that gave me this cold, but I have it. As to not complain, I thought I would take some of the energy I have at the moment to jot down a few thoughts about being sick.

Yes, it sucks! But I am learning to appreciate my good health and the need to rest.

Thank God for Netflix. I laid in bed ALL DAY & watched Grey’s Anatomy all day. I didn’t really think about all the other things I could have done today because I really needed to rest. I needed to take a minute, or a full day to just sit down and relax. Our body’s can do so many different things for us, but it is just a temporary thing. Something we must take care of while we’re on each if we want it to take us to the many places we’re going.

Thank God for good health. I thought about how I could get enough energy to workout. That might be the only thing I reallllyyyyy wanted to do today. But eventually I gave up that thought and settled for a few leg and ab exercises, mainly to satisfy my own desire to be active.

I forgot how much being sick, hurts. My entire body was hurting so I had no choice but to rest. Watch Netflix, and forget about plans I might have had for the weekend. Resting takes priority. Good health takes priority.

So I’m resting. BC being sick sucks, but I’m alive. I’m resting.


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