6 Week Summer Body Challenge 

Want to join my 6 week summer body challenge????

I thought I needed to start a small group with a few people who wanted to work out, and got more inquiries than expected. So, I decided to create this post for those who will not be able to join the private GroupMe and anyone looking to join in on the 6 week summer body challenge. I’ll post weekly videos on my YouTube channel with meal prep ideas, snacks, workout routines,tips, and encouragement for the next 6 weeks! You don’t have to start when I start or do what I do, I am just here to share this experience and encourage you to create you own! Details are listed below!


We will start out 6 week challenge MONDAY April 3rd & end Sunday May 14th (Right on Time for SUMMER!!)
This challenge will consist of 3 things: Food, exercise, and accountability!

1.) Food/diet commitment 

  • 75% of weight loss happens in the kitchen!! Food is most important, so what we eat will effect this the most! I believe in freedom and flexibility, but I also know the power of a disciplined diet! So …..
  • Food:
    • No fast food!!!
    • No junk food!!!
    • I will post a few snack options & suggestions -please share your favorite healthy snacks!
  • Drinks:
    • No pop/soft drinks!
      • Goal: 64oz/day
      • Add lemon Juice!!!
        • Drink a full glass each morning and add to your water throughout the day as desired
        • You can purchase this in the juice aisle at your local grocery store!
  • I will post food options, suggestions and meal prep ideas!
    • It is easy to stick to a diet if you meal prep and have food ready for you daily!
    • Please save the photos so that you have them while shopping & also share your healthy meals and ideas!!!
    • Check out my last blog for more food details:
  • I decided to stop eating:
    • Red meat (beef & pork)
    • Snacks/Junk food:
      • Chips, donuts, brownies, candy, honey buns, etc.
    • Pop & juice
  • I reduced things I really didn’t need:
    • Cheese
    • Butter
    • Bread
    • Certain Condomines (Mayo, ranch, bbq sauce, sour cream)
  • I found replacements for things I really liked:
    • Sugary Cereal->Whole grain cereal
      • I.e. Cinnamon toast crunch with -> Shredded Wheat or Post Grape-Nuts Original
    • 2% Milk -> Almond Milk
    • Yogurt->Greek Yogurt
    • Peanut Butter  -> Almond Butter
    • White Bread-> Whole grain wheat bread
    • Juice -> Lemon Water
    • Snacks/Junk food -> Granola bars, crackers, protein bars, fruits, veggies
    • Sides like Rice and potatoes-> Quinoa & Couscous
    • Sides like Mac & cheese -> Vegetables like corn, green beans, peas

      Go To Foods:

    • Meat:
      • Chicken
      • Turkey
      • Fish (I never really ate seafood before so I was going to try it out -Salmon & Tilapia are my favorites!)
    • Sides:
      • Veggies: Asparagus, kale, eggplant, green beans, corn on the cob, sweet peppers, etc.
    • Drinks:
      • Water + Lemon Juice
        • I don’t add fruit, mint or anything, but I know some people really like it!
      • Snacks:
        • Snack bars listed above
        • Fruits: grapes, strawberries, bananas
        • Nuts:Choose & partake wisely
    • Breakfast:
      • Smoothie
      • Smoothie Bowl
        • This is so delicious i’ll have a video & recipe up soon
      • Cereal & Almond Milk
        • Add fruit, sliced almonds if you’d like
      • Oatmeal
        • Add fruit & maple syrup
      • Fresh Fruit
        • Strawberries, bananas, naval oranges, blue berries, kiwi, pineapple, apples, & the list could go on lol
      • Eggs
        • Add spinach, veggies, avocado, peppers, good stuff!)
      • Lunch & Dinner (Meal Prep/Crock pot meals):
        • Meat and 2 sides
        • Soup: Cabbage soup, vegetable soup, Turkey Chilli
        • Eggplant spaghetti
        • Different recipes I’ve found or discovered through trail & unfortunate error lol


2.) Exercise & physical commitment

  • We will work out 6 days a week and rest 1 (Sunday)
    • Saturday is the day to show your commitment, this should be the one day you go the hardest!!!
  • For total body Weight loss:
    • 30 minutes of Cardio + 25 min of High Intensity Interval Training
  • For toning/strength:
    • 20 minutes of cardio + 30 min of High Intensity Interval Training

***Cardio is super important for weight loss! If you want to lose weight you will need to shed those pounds by walking, running, or any exercises that will increase your heart rate!

***High Intensity Interval Training is important for losing weight and building muscle! If you want those killer abs, you this is for you!

Cardio + HIIT will help you lose weight and build muscle for the perfect summer body! 

^This is great for anyone without access to a gym!

Weekly strength/toning videos will be posted, for at home workouts! 

3.) Accountability & Support (with each other)

We’re here to hold each other accountable. We’re all at different places physically, emotionally, and financially! Let’s uplift one another and share any tips, techniques, and lots of encouragement.

  • Document your journey
    • Get a journal or use the notepad on your phone to document where you’re starting (weight, how you feel, & what you’d like to work on).
    • Document your progress weekly!!!
  • Take a starting photo!
    • If you’d like, take a photo of yourself with just underwear (or your favorite outside that shows your body) and save it for yourself as a reminder of where you’re starting!!!

We will check in daily to make sure everyone is eating right, working out, and staying encouraged!!!! 

Please don’t be afraid to share your struggles and any issues you have along this journey! Losing, gaining, or maintaining weight is important, sensitive, and can cause stress and effect your emotional health. This is not easy and is something I take very serious and we are all growing and will respect each others interest, desires, and journey. If you do not have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

Please note: This is meant to be an accountability group focused on working out together, encouraging each other, and sharing our progress!!! If you have a gym/personal trainer please continue going and document your experience and growth!!

6 weeks Isn’t going to completely change your body image, but it could be the start to a great change in your life!! 

This is going to be so much fun!!

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