I searched for a meaning to life . . . 

I searched… for a really long time for some meaning to my life. I needed to find a reason why all of this was happening inside of me, around me. Why the world continues to spin and no matter what happens, life goes on. How could time never stop? How do we see people we love die and still life goes on? How do you experience happiness and no matter how long we hold on to it life goes on?

I needed to know that there is a meaning to life. That living & dying are not the only things we’ll do.. because no matter how much we cry, laugh, scream, or yell …. life will go on.

So I went on. . Mad. Angry. Happy. Passionate. Curious.

I wanted to find the meaning to this whole ordeal and I was going to try everything I could to gain an understanding of it. I slept. I read. I travelled. I stayed. I left. I ate.  I kissed. I sang. I danced.  I explored. I did whatever came to mind at the moment and I held nothing back  ….

& all of a sudden, there I was . Looking for something I had had this whole time .


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