Dear Pepsi

Hey, so I see what you tried to do! I see you thought this would be so cool and lots of people would think this is an entertaining commercial. Something to bridge the gap between so many different communities and issues related to police brutality and protesting. I get it. But do you?????

Do you get that you just implied that the best way to solve racial issues and bridge the gap between racial issues in America is to send the pretty rich white girl who has never experiences racism, I’m sure the only struggle she’s had is deciding which outfit to wear on film day! And then to add insult to injury you think the major issues with Muslims and Indians related to police brutality can be solved through dancing in the streets and sending the white girl in with a Pepsi?

Hmm. So forget about the ‘Muslim band.’ Forget about the countless black boys, black men, & black women who’ve been gunned down in the street by police! Forget about it and go in with a Pepsi!!! You are all idiots! All of you and I can not say that any nicer. You try to degrade an entire movement and even if you think this would address global issues, issues outside of America or bigger than police brutality in America, did you consider the governmental issues in those Muslim countries and Indian states you tried to exploit! Do you think a Pepsi bring value to the lives of Muslim woman, or how about the Indian boy in your video? Is the Pepsi helping with social problems, child labour issues, how about child abuse? No, violence against women? What did it solve? What did it do??

I wish people would think before they use their big names and use their little brains to create content that will actually help or simply entertain. Stick to someone poppin’ open a can and having a sip! You don’t have to do this !!

you tried it

-I guess things do get better with Coke!


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