My 1st Flight

My first flight was out of the country, to Jamaica and I went with my best friend and her family. I was super nervous because I had never flown before and although I was looking forward to the vacation, I wasn’t looking forward to facing my fear of flying. But I guess I was happy to be around other people, seasoned flyers specifically. I googled and asked all the questions I could because I could only pray so much. I was a good mixture of nervous and excited. I mean being so high up above ground and then over water for so long, but …It was fine. It was perfect actually. Yes, my ears were popping but it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. Sitting in the sky with complete strangers and a few people I did know. We had a connecting flight somewhere, I think in DC and met with someone else for our trip, making us a party of 8.

Everyone else were strangers. Some on their first flight like me. Some having more stamps in their passport than I could even imagine, but there we were, all sitting in the middle of the sky together. On out first flight, I sat in the middle. I didn’t know if sitting by the window would ruin my experience, so I sat in the middle, stealing views out the window from my friend. The connecting flight to Jamaica was different. I sat in a window seat. I was destined to sit by the window, with or without the company of my friends. They thought I was trying to be tough, but I really just wanted to look out the window. This was my first time leaving the US and heading to Jamaica and you think I want to miss out on getting this memory with my eyes? Nope. It was so worth it. I saw the clouds for what seemed to be the first time. It was the perfect way to start my sky journey.

Since then, I’ve taken every flight I could. I’ve always (almost always) sat in a window seat and I try to see where I am in the sky. For some people I couldn’t help but think, there must be a completely different world and map for the sky. I mean I’m sure a globe and world map works, but when you’re really above the ground, looking down, things look different. All the blue, green, brown, and white in the sky. How? How is it so perfect and beautiful. How do we miss out this beauty for so long. More importantly, how do I get more of this?

After that flight, I wanted to make my way around the way. I wanted to find different areas of the world that I didn’t know were there. I bought my first map and started studying where everything is. I didn’t appreciate the world in elementary when we learned about geography. Not now, I want to see where everything is. In a amazing way, I didn’t realize, that this first flight was the start to my traveling curiosity. This flight would be the thing that triggered my deep desire to never be in one place for too long.

Anyway, I have an early flight in the morning and I couldn’t help but think about the first time I felt something different.

-& I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since. . .


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