Moving around Atlanta. . .

Atlanta, you’re so beautiful.

So much to see. So much to do.

I rode around for my 1st hour here looking at houses, admiring how big and beautiful they are. Creating characters and lives of the people who I assume live there. Or stay there.

Living is one thing. Staying somewhere is another.

I am currently living in Atlanta, but I don’t stay here. I might never stay here. I do admire how beautiful the city is. I love the crazy traffic and commotion. To some people, it causes distress. To me, it is a sign of movement. It means that there is always somewhere to go, something to do.

Even if it is overcrowded, the highway is a sign that there is movement happening. Life happening. People are moving. I can live with that. It may take 55 minutes to get somewhere that should only take 25, but it’s movement.

And that’s life. Life has a way of showing us how long something should or could take, and sending us short cuts, or making us take the long route.

Either way, we’re always on our way somewhere. 

Or at least we should be . 

Thank you, Atlanta. 


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