Easter Sunday

happy easterEaster Sunday might be the one Sunday I remember as a little girl. It was one of the only times out of the year my dress was much bigger than me and it was the same as my sisters and most likely matched my brothers suit. I do remember egg hunting, thinking, wow another time of year to get lots of candy or even money in one of those small things. I even remember painting easter eggs. It’s days like today where I sit and try to remember everything I can from as far back as my memory will take me. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry. Growing up, I didn’t realize the importance or relevance of Good Friday or Easter Sunday. Now I would much rather think about the meaning of each day than consider the best dress or colors for the day. Or what will be cooked today.

Today spend time in complete gratitude for life and all the things we’ve experienced. That’s how I look at all holidays. Today is a day for celebration and fellowship with friends and family, people you love and even people you may not know. I think about what happened in the bible that created these holidays and there were lots of emotions being shared privately and publicly amongst friends and strangers.

I’ve thought about the bible and what if Jesus hadn’t gone to the cross? What if there was no forgiveness and if we answered for all the things we’ve done and if we never had a chance to redeem and renew ourselves? That’s what I think about today. How loved I am. How I’m forgiven. How I was worth dying for. . .

Consider this, and go on with your day feeling free and forgiven, because you are .

Affirmation for today, “Today, I will share love, peace, and gratitude wherever I go . ”


Happy Easter


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