Working out & Eating Right when traveling

Whenever I travel, I always bring a set of workout clothes and shoes. This helps me stay on track with working out, even if I don’t have access to a gym. I knew I was going somewhere with warm weather and even if it were going to be cold, I believe in YouTube university. I know that there is always a workout or yoga routine free and available, anytime I need it, so that’s what I did. I ran when I could for cardio and before bed, almost every night, I used YouTube to get my HIIT workout in.

If you’re in need of at home workouts, quick workouts, or workouts on the go, try the only bad workoutYouTube! Search for videos that will give you the maximum video in the time you have. I know there are apps with workout suggestions, but I like having someone or something guide me and keep me on track.

Full Body HIIT Workout (10 Min):

10 Min Ab workout:

What to eat?

As for eating, set an expectation for yourself regarding what you will and will not eat, before you leave the house. Tell yourself that you will not eat cheese or sour cream or maybe you will get grilled chicken instead of fried. When you’re moving around andeat right traveling it is important to eat and keep yourself hydrated as you’re using more energy than you typically would so it is more critical than ever to get all the nutrients you need. Key words being nutrient and needs! So eat what you need to and drink lots of water!

If you’re travelling, find eating options that allow you to have something you would eat at home (or better). This is time to spend a healthy eatinglittle for that delicious salad or select from the ‘light’ or ‘healthy’ options. If you’re staying with a friend or at a location with a fridge, you may consider grocery shopping for the days you’ll be there so that you can prepare your own meals and eat out only when you have to. I’d even go as far as to keep snacks on you so that when you do eat out, you don’t have as big of an appetite and you’re able to eat something small.

*Remember to read-Everything that says it is healthy and good for you isn’t.*

You may want to take a journal or use the notepad on your phone to take note of your exercises and what you ate. This will help you remain mindful of your fitness goals and diet.



When getting (or staying on the right track) with your health and fitness goals, it is so good to find resources and people who will help you keep your commitments. Find people who can hold you accountable to your goals because they share similar values and want to remain healthy and fit also. I notice that people who don’t value working out, don’t see my need to workout and stay committed to my goals, so I had to find people who were just as committed as I was. We all share how things are going, almost daily, and we hold each other accountable while also providing insight and encouragement.

I’ve found that there is so much to learn about our bodies and I appreciate when others share what they know and provide resources (books, other people, recipes) that will allow me grow in my health and fitness walk.

Health and Fitness Podcast 

I found a really cool podcast to listen  to that has really been providing great insight about working out and eating healthy. The podcast talks a lot about working out the right way and sheds light on misconceptions of working out and cardio! So I’ve found a few workout routines, just from listening to this show and doing my own research, that have helped maximize my time working out, especially when i’m on the go or travelling. There are also lots of food and diet tips on the show that I will certainly be implementing this week. (Ps. This is not an ad, I literally found this podcast and thought it was cool enough to share, lol). There are tones of podcast out there and lots of videos on YouTube related to working out and health and fitness. This is JUST 1!

The model Health Show:

Happy traveling and best of luck on your workout journey! 



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