Rainy Morning 

It’s raining .
I knew it was coming because I checked the weather app and saw that it is going to rain for the next 3 days. But I didn’t prepare for the rain. How do you prepare for the rain?

 I stayed up late last night and I heard it arrive. Slowly, the rain came down and I could hear the sky shaking. It started to thunder and occasionally there was lightening. The rain was here. I started to think, man for the next 3 days I won’t see the sun. The minute I said this to myself I smiled. Opened my blinds and enjoyed the view. I enjoyed How beautiful the sky is when it’s dark and rainy. It was about 3am and I could see that my neighbors were sleeping, or appeared to be. I could imagine how peaceful their sleep must be through the rain. Even the thunder. What a calm such a commotion could bring. Wow. Even in chaos , the sky has a way of still beating beautiful. Still bringing joy and somehow still creating peace. It’s morning and it’s just raining. The clouds are a bit loud but not much thundering. I hear cars driving in the rain. There is still a peace, a calm created with each second.
I take this spirit with me everyday. Because no matter what u experience or go through, we can’t prepare for everything, especially not a rainy day. So when I have them, I enjoy them. I embrace them.

The rain is here. For three days I get to enjoy the clouds. I get to enjoy the world, wet, soaking up the water.

It’s a beautiful rainy morning.


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