1 year later: Afraid but ready

graduation 2016 2
Graduation 2016

This weekend, and many weekends to come, people will be graduating from high school, college, graduate school, etc. My mom tagged me in a photo of 1 year ago from today, which was my 2nd college graduation. I remember that moment, it feels somewhat how I feel today. Afraid but ready. Honestly, it is much better than how I felt 3 years ago graduating from the same school, but much more worried and even more afraid. I had been accepted into grad school and decided that since I was in, this must be what God had for me. This was the only program I applied to and I made no other arrangements for after graduation. Honestly, I was terrified of what else was out there. I was in school for 5 years and had gotten comfort with where I was and who I was. Stability is something I value in school and relationships. I’ve gone to over 22 different schools and have found myself in and out of friendships. And I felt it slipping away. So I applied to the same program my best friend had heard about and when she was accepted, and I was accepted, I felt accepted. I felt that I had finally made a connection with someone and something and we would be together, and uncomfortable, together. The summer before my graduate program started, I remember looking at and applying to jobs in Chicago. I wanted to be in a big city. I remember looking at graduate schools in Chicago, beating myself up because I didn’t have the courage or the faith in myself to apply.

Graduation 2014

Needless to say, I learned that sometimes discovering the things you don’t like, is how you build strength to obtain the things you do like. Thats where I was last year, afraid but ready. I saw that I didn’t take a chance on life. I didn’t do something that would put me outside my comfort zone so I stayed with what was familiar, even though nothing was the same. Everyone I knew was leaving and my desire to be there was long gone. I promised myself last year that I would live my dreams. I would dream big and do whatever it took to do what makes my heart happy.

Today, I would say I’ve done that about 60%. I’ve dreamed big. I’ve done some things that have taken me outside my comfort zone and I’ve stretched myself. I’ve discovered that there are many things that make me happy. I learned to uncover things that make me uncomfortable while confronting things that do. There is no growth in comfort. I feel into the trap of wanting to be correct, perfect. Kind of a good girl. I wanted to make people proud, especially people who believe in me and look up to me. I stood still for some time and tried not to offend anyone. I wanted to do things the right way. I wanted to take the long road, because there are no short cuts. But even when you’re working hard, it doesn’t matter if you’re headed the wrong way. I am learning to take everything as an experience, as a moment for me to learn and grow. Not as something that is meant to take me somewhere, because everything we experience is often a result of our own actions. We choose things that were never meant for us and blame God, Life, the universe, and anyone else in close proximity for us not being where we want to be. So, today. I noticed, that at some point between last year and now, I removed the mask. I uncovered me. I got over wanting to be right for other people and got right with myself.
Today, I want to vow to live fearlessly. To not say, ‘when this happens then I will,’ or ‘If only I had this, then I would.’ I am giving up on comfort. I valued it more than I did freedom. Personal freedom. Love. Peace. Happiness. Joy. I want to be free. Living, loving, hoping, dreaming, free. One year from now, I hope to look back and think, ‘wow, I can’t believe I did that,’ with a huge smile on my face.

Because even now, I’m afraid, but I’m ready.


6 thoughts on “1 year later: Afraid but ready

  1. I come from a small family, so my entire life with field with my mom shaping my life. For a while I lived my life for everyone else, and by while I’m in my entire life I’ve been until a few months ago. I started to take the journey to find myself. It’s been a hard one for sure, but this i’ve learned that it becomes easier to convince others of your choices once they see how truly happy you are. I thank you for sharing your story. It was a great read! Keep this up!

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    1. Agreeeddddddd!!!!! When your whole life is focused on being there for others you start creating this ‘identity’ that sort of covers who you really are! A self-discover journey is soooooo fulfilling in a great way & really helps you (& your family) emotionally, financially, & physically in the long run! Even if others don’t understand it

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  2. I come from a large family so I’ve always had people giving me their thoughts on how I should live my life. I am thankful for this because it has helped shape me to be the woman I am today. But, I also have struggled with this and I still do. Finding a balance between making my family proud and pleasing them and living for myself and doing what makes me happy. I actually plan to write about this, on my blog, in the next coming weeks but what resonated with me about your post was how you experienced a similar struggle being still and not trying to offend anyone. It’s debilitating. But that you got over wanting to be right for other people and got right for yourself. I’m doing me now too.

    Doesn’t it feel good?

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    1. Girl it feels sooooo good! I love my family sooooo much (and I have a super small family so we’re kinda all we have) and I’ve really had to learn how to detach myself and my own dreams/goals so that I can be who I was destined to be and do all that I know I can do! Family is like the biggest help and sometimes your greatest struggle 😍

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