Dream Walking


I didn’t sleep much last night. I felt like my dreams started coming out of my head. It was almost as if I couldn’t contain my imagination, lol. Literary,it was like my dream started to get so real or so good that I wanted to enjoy it in real life.

I believe in dreams. I believe they’re always trying to show us something. I think my dream was trying to show me where I am right now.

My dreams are no longer waiting for me to wake up.

They’re ready to be free, to be lived, to be alive. My dreams can’t sit in my unconscious too much longer, they’re starting to poke their heads out at me regularly, no longer asking or waiting for its turn.

My dreams. . . Are so much like me. Determined, eager, ready for something to happen. For things to start moving! I can’t even tell you what the dreams were about because I was so focused on getting back to sleep. I kept telling myself, ‘I need to rest,’ and ‘I’m not ready to get up.’

My dreams couldn’t wait.

And once I finally woke up this morning, I realized something. If you don’t pay attention to your dreams, you’ll miss them. You’ll be so focused on getting things done, resting, forcing yourself back to sleep, waiting for the right time. . . But you’ll miss your dreams.

Some dreams can’t wait. Actually, Most dreams can’t wait. They’ll keep showing themselves and interrupting your comfort until you realize that it is time to experience them. Or they’ll be gone.

They’ll be gone . . experience them or they’ll be gone . . I have to repeat this to myself. I have to reassure myself that comfort will never take me where I want to go. I have to live my dreams, even when i’m tired, restless, and unsure of what will come in the morning. I have to wake up & live my dream. . .

…Wake up & Live your dream . 


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