When the student is ready

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

student is ready

Lately, I’ve found myself learning and relearning more each day. I am noticing that there are things that life presented to me previously that I didn’t have the capacity to understand, but were essential to this process of me becoming more and living on a higher level. I see a lesson and I think, ‘wow, this same thing happened 2 years ago.’
I see now that I wasn’t at a place to take it all in and although it could have served me along my journey, the bigger lesson is learned. Until I am able to live in the moment, expecting nothing but ready for everything, I will miss out on lessons and blessings that we’re intended for me. Close your eyes & DreamSometimes, the road is long because we’ve asked it to be. So we go through life, looking for things that are familiar. Setting our minds, hearts, and souls on the things we prefer and not the things life intended for us to see. Without even knowing, our preferences and choices disable our ability to grasp unexpected lessons. Things that we didn’t realize we needed in that moment because it did not serve us at the time.

I believe in living and being in the moment, but that includes acceptance of possibilities. We have to accept the unfamiliar and welcome fear, embracing things that may not make sense, while also retaining what serves us. Even when we don’t know why yet. I am much more informed today than I was before. I’ve read more books, talked to more people, gained knowledge of myself, lived, loved, lost, etc. We are always, or at least we should be, more aware today than we were yesterday.

Today, you might be ready for something that would have frightened you yesterday. That’s life. But with learning and accepting, we embrace change and we encourage momentum.

We think we know what we want and where we want to be and life often has to show us who we are and what we really want, before just giving us any and everything we ask for. . .

I now see, that I am at a place to receive.

I am growing.

I am becoming.

I am learning.


I am learning that the lesson will forever be yours. It will be repeated until it is learned. That is the beauty of life. We have to believe that life has our back. Life has our best interest at heart and even if we miss a turn, forget an experience, or block our own blessing, life will forever be there to show us again and again the lessons of life. There is light and life in each of us. We have to accept it. Be open and available to life and the lessons presented to us.

I am.

….The student is ready and the teacher has come again.

walking pink dress.jpg

14 thoughts on “When the student is ready

  1. I just read your introduction and loved the honesty. As a wise (old) woman I would say keep doing what you are doing. Be honest being who you are (ministers and inspiring people can wear bikinis) and be present. Be open to learn everyday. You’ve got this!

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  2. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time to visit my blog page and having a follow, I appreciate the support. I love your blog theme, so pretty and I look forward to your wellness page being updated with some fun stuff as well.


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