Moving Closer to the exit 

I moved cubicles today. I’ve been wanting to move my cubical for some time now… I think I need to move, I need to feel the change, even if nothing else changes. In a way, I needed to get and stay busy.

So, I contacted the appropriate people to see how I could move to another cubical. I’ve found several opened spaces and weighed all the options to those moves [traffic flowing through, access to the door, access to the windows, others access to me, etc.] Really, I couldn’t get permission to work from home, and quite frankly I am more ready to work on my own business from home than spending hours and energy working on someone else’s dreams and goals. No ma’am. . Honestly, seeing that I have bills to pay and I have my own project that I still need to complete, there are many reasons, some greater than others, for me sticking this whole 9-5 cubicle thing out.
So, I got my heart set on a cubical that is not only close to the door, but it is also close to the independent working areas where I can scurry to whenever I don’t feel like being seen by anyone else in the office. Seriously, this is sounding quite sad, but I promise this is a great place to work. The people are awesome. Opportunities are available, and the influence is indescribable. If I were someone who wanted to grow in health care research, build my experience and name within this environment, this would be the best experience, but I’m not one of those girls. Never have been. I guess I thought I could fit my desires and dreams into my evening schedule and eventually get to my goals. Or maybe one day i’ll be walking down the street and someone will discover me. Maybe, just maybe, Shonda Rhimes will find my twitter account and see that I am so brilliant and intelligent and decide that I’m the perfect young girl to star in her next project, she is looking for someone just like me so why would she not randomly find me on Twitter. I tweet like once a week. Or maybe Beyonce will need someone to be her creative director and she’ll stumble across my instagram and appreciate the lack of my presence there, and slide in my DMs for my assistance. Could happen. Anything is certainly possible! But I can’t wait on chance, I can’t wait for things to just happen. So, I’m making my way close to the door. Because very soon, I will be out of here. I am already an actress. I am already a public figure and socialite. I am already exceeding my own financial goals, I am already successful.

I am already on the other side of the door. .
Not physically, but mentally and emotional. My heart and soul has already moved on the other side of the exit .

Written: January 9th 2017


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