31 Days of Change – July



Wow, July is here already! July is the start of the 2nd half of the year. I remember stepping into 2017, so ambitious and ready to conquer all that was ahead of me. Somewhere between March and June time kind of started to fall together.

I am starting to realize that there are some things I completely stopped doing in the process. For one, I stopped praying. I don’t know if I lost hope or if I started to feel like I had prayed enough. Someone once told me that you only need to pray once. Praying for the same thing over and over is testing God. Assuming that He didn’t hear you the first time. Double prayers are assumed to come from doubt. But sometimes, I am realizing, that more than anything, praying multiple times is more reassurance and comfort for ourselves than anything else. So my 1st task for July is Daily prayer!

1. Pray Daily

I am going to commit to praying daily. At least once a day, but the goal is to pray in the morning and before bed. I want to wake up with gratitude and finish the day with gratitude. I’ve been told that prayer is our way to talk to God and meditation is how we listen to God. I also believe that we hear from God and God speaks through us when we write and read. So the next thing I am committing to doing is listening and receiving.

prayer pic

2. Listen & Receive 

For July, I will listen and be open to receiving more from God and the universe daily. I am committed to writing more, reading more, and adding meditation and yoga to my schedule at least 3 times a week. I’ve been slacking on my meditation and yoga as of late. So, this will help me get back into the swing of things.

meditation pic

3. Plan & Set Goals

My calendar has been sitting on my dresser all year. I kind of got into the habit of just doing things. I’ve been working out and trying to get my body together for the summer, so some things have kind of just fallen into place. So, I went out and got a new planner and have already set goals & a complete to-do list for July. I have so much to do this month and the only way for me to stay on track will be to set and keep goals! *Ps: I am almost at 200 friends on WordPress & have a goal of 500 by the end of July-this is 1 of my goals for July!*

to do list pic

4. Share Positivity

I think we all like to assume we’re nice people. I try to be. Not because it sounds good, but it really feels good. I’ve been mean and nasty before and it has always been rooted from an unhealthy place. I am also learning that even if you’re not in such a great mood, keeping good thoughts and sharing good energy helps remove whatever has you in a bad mood (most often) and it helps you focus on good things. Additionally, you are more likely to be nicer to other people. Too often we throw our disasters on others in the way we treat and respond to them. For this challenge, I would like to be more intentional with positive gestures. I don’t necessarily know exactly what this will be, but I will be intentional about being and sharing positivity to other people!

positive mind vibe and life.png

I will document my progress and growth here throughout the month! I am planning to add a complete list of my July goals (and it is quite a list) to help keep me focused on the major things I need to get done. Sharing things out loud helps  me stay on track and also makes me feel like now that others know what I need to do, I must do it! Lol.


If you guys would like to join me on this 31 day challenge, please do! Share on your blog or in the comments and we can help keep each other accountable. 


7 thoughts on “31 Days of Change – July

  1. Thank you for this, I’ve actually had a very similar plan for July. It’s never too late to start! I like your idea about praying. I just recently began opening my heart to God and the universe, I am going to try and pray twice a day as well ❤️

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    1. Yes!!! It is never too late to start! Especially when you really want to make & see change, can’t wait for a new month or a new week, just start when you’re ready! Happy to hear your opening your heart! It is a personal journey & one that is so sacred, you should really only do it when you’re ready! Hope praying More helps!!!

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