The Cramm Blog Award!




I have another Blog Award!!

** Thank you so much Shay from Fitness Grad for thinking of me and for sharing all of your knowledge and wisdom on your blog! Check out her blog here:

The Cramm Award was created by Liv, the owner of theCramm, an awesome blog, visit it here to see the rest for yourself, you’ll not regret it.


  1. Include a little bit about who created this award (with a link) and mention the person who nominated you.
  2. Share 3 things that motivate you to blog and share 3 people that motivate you to blog as well
  3. Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world.
  4. Answer your challenge question
  5. Nominate your choice of bloggers and give them a challenge question.


3 Things that motivate me to blog

  1. I love writing. I like being able to write and express myself. I started writing in my journal and at some point felt that there were some things I needed to share on my blog. Which is the 2nd reason I like to blog…
  2. I enjoy sharing and connecting with other people. We don’t realize how connected we are to each other and I really enjoy being able to share my journey, my life experiences, encouragement, and inspiration.
  3. I love making blog friends! Reading and connecting with other people who enjoy blogging. Sharing is awesome, but being able to see other people blog and the things they’re experiencing motivates me to blog more and regularly. Hi and thanks blog friends!

3 people that motivate me to blog

  1. Kalyn Nicholson
    • Kalyn’s Blog
    • Kalyn’s YouTube
    • Why she motivates me to blog: Kalyn is suppppeeeerrrrr positive and her website and YouTube channel is completely awesome! Her photos are always so dope and she is very consistent with her themes on all her social media accounts. I fell in love with her on her YouTube channel because she was so inspiring and positive. Also, she is very creative, which I love! I am inspired by people who are encouraging and ambitious. Everything she shares always has a positive message and she constantly shares happiness, peace, love, and joy. She’s certainly created her own path and a life she enjoys, which is all anyone could ask for along the self discovery journey. So, Check her out!
  2. Iyanla Vanzant
    • Iyanla’s Twitter
    • Iyanla’s YouTube
    • Why She Motivates me to blog: I love Iyanla! I am addicted to her tweets and show ‘Iyanla fix my life.’ I love how she is able to take her life experiences and help other people with their own! Following her on twitter has really pushed me to be positive and share encouragement.
  3. Crissle and Kid Fury from The Read Podcast
    • *I know this is 2, but they both motivate me to blog and share my thoughts for different reasons
    • Links to their sites:
    • Why motivate me to blog: They’re both so dope! On their podcast they always discuss their journey’s and how they have come into the success they have. Both started by doing something they were passionate about.
    • Crissle is the bomb! She started writing while still working, I think she was at MTV when she first started doing The Read podcast with Fury. She has lots to say and is never afraid to say it. I love that about her. She is also very independent and self motivated and her ambition has really pushed me to be consistent and confident with my writing.
    • Kid Fury started out writing and doing his own blogs on Youtube where he shared his own thoughts. He called it ‘Furious Thoughts.’ It is pretty hilarious and makes me think about the crazy things going on in my head that I should share.

Challenging Question

Shay didn’t have a question or share one, but I do! lol,

Here is my challenging question to my those I nominate: What is your favorite book or piece to read and why?

I nominate:

  1. Fisayo Adeyemi from
  2. The Purple Grace:
  3. Joy The Witch:
  4. The Best Marriages:
  5. Amy Brew:
  6. Mbali:
  7. Victorias Bubble Blog:
  8. Jordyn from The Obsession Begins Blog:
  9. Esther Ongenda from
  10. Omphile Sharon from MsLyricWriter @
  11. Bamoni Kashama from Bamonikash- Embrace your journey @


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