4 Easy DIY Room & Wall Inspiration

I’m always thinking of ways to stay motivated and thought of these items to put in my apartment. Here’s 4 simple DIYs for more inspiration throughout your home:

1. Gratitude Jar

I purchased this jar from Micheals and added gold glitter around that middle area to give it a little something extra. The jar did come with white chalk, but I wanted to add more color so I used my own. Everyday, or almost everyday, I write something I’m grateful for on a sticky note, including the date and time of the post. At the end of each month, I read all the notes and keep any that move me for the next month.

gratitude jar 1    gratitude jar 2gratitude jar 3 grat jar 4grat jar 5

grat jar 6


2. DIY Chalk Boards

I listent to lots of speeches and read more books than I can count and I find lots of quotes that help keep me going throughout the day. So here are two quote boards I created that I can use daily to update something positive to remind me to stay focused and encouraged. I also thought one could be a reminder board or even used as a morning to-do list.

chalk 1   chalk 2chalk 3  chalk 4chalk 6  chalk7

chalk 5

3. Photo / Vision Wall

Finally, this vision board wall was created after I had these photos and quotes on a window at work and thought I should do this at home. So I did …. I took a few of my favorite photos of myself and printed out quotes that I love and added color paper to the background and stuck them to my walls! I look at this every day and it is sooooo inspiring and motivating! If you have some things you want to add to a vision board, you might try this style. It is helpful for making sure you look at your vision board daily!

q wall 1  qwall 2qwall 5

qwall 6

qwall 7

4. Quote Board

This is something I did a while back when I really needed to stay positive and push myself. I searched some of my favorite quotes and even found a few just by searching, ‘inspiring quotes’ and found soon many I could’t choose just one. So I added them to a word doc, printed them in color, and add them to a poster board. This is super old and is the first one I did, I might do another one for the end of 2017, but making the quotes larger. (I didn’t record me creating this one so a photo is all I have!)






If anyone is interested in doing something like this for yourself, here is a video with more details on how I did 1-3, there are links to some of the products used in the description for the video also: DIY Video

Let me know any other ideas you guys think I should try!



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