Friday Thoughts

Friday Thoughts

This first week of July has been amazingly crazy. Lol. The holiday being at the beginning of the week was a great way to start the month but it made things a little hectic. I felt like I had an extra weekend, a one day weekend, but a weekend for sure. Lol. When you’re trying to create a habit (i.e. writing everyday, keeping July plans & goals) the extra day off forces you to be extra stern with your time.

Before now, I hadn’t been consistent with keeping a schedule or focusing on 1 thing. So I wanted to jump start the new month and second half of the year energized with plans, goals, and lots of things to do. And things have been going quite well. It is already the weekend and I’ve done well for myself thus far! For the next few weeks, my weekends are pretty booked, so I am trying to create a schedule and system that accounts for me being out of the house. I actually need the weekend to refresh and kind of get ahead of some things, even if I am out of the house. Lots of my friends and loved ones are getting married, moving away, or simply having summer parties, so I am more than happy to step away and be with them whenever I can. One of my goals for July is to spend time with family and friends before the end of the month, yes I have a list of people I must see before I go. Lol. This sounds silly, but it is the only way I make sure I don’t forget anyone, which I know I will.

Anyways, this weekend is going to consist of a summer party for work, girls brunch, and a pageant.  I will probably spend some time planning and writing. When I am home, in my bed, watching Netflix (literally chillin!), I like to write, read other people’s blogs,  occasionally surf the web for things I don’t need. and plan out my week, blogs, or videos. I am a super list girl, it’s all I do! lol. . I have a few blogs that are still in ‘draft’ mode because they require lots of time, research, and editing so I am happy to have time to get some of those things done.


Anyways, that’s where I am today. Enjoying being present and in the moment. Lot’s happening and even more to do.

Happy Friday!


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