June Favorites

June Favorites.jpg

So, this is my first ‘Favorites’ post. I am going to do this each month, just showing different things I enjoyed during the previous month! I’m so excited to share the things that have really made a staple in my life last month. Check them out:

Ultra Repair Cream


This summer my skin has been flawless. I’ve been working out, eating right, using the sauna, and wearing very little or no make up. This lotion has helped keep my face moisturized, but not hot or sweaty, which I appreciate! I use this on my body and face. It is a great summer lotion. I tried it in the winter and it wasn’t that great for the dry snowy midwest weather, but it is perfect for the summer heat!

If you’re interested, you can purchase this cream at Sephora: Ultra Repair Cream


Fruit: Specifically Honey Dew Melon

IMG_5898 IMG_5902

This summer I’ve been eating fruit, lots and lots of fruit! Whenever there is a fruit bowl or mix, I always love the green cantaloupe, lol honey dew melon. Growing up, I never knew the name of this fruit, but found out it is a melon and is healthy for you and super delicious. So, June I’ve been getting the honey dew melon overtime I go to the market. It’s so good!!! Here are a few fruit/food pics from my snap chat this month!

IMG_5901 IMG_5899 IMG_5906

Chocolate Almond Milk

IMG_5914 IMG_5915

So, I eat a lot, and work out a lot. Lol. Lately, I’ve been searching for the best foods to eat so that I am more conscious and aware of everything I’ve been eating. Often times, I am eating late or after a workout and needed to find the best foods for after a workout or something before bed and stumbled across chocolate milk. For the last 2 years, I’ve drank almond milk, so I tried chocolate almond milk. It was soooooo good lol. Def one of my June favorites!



sza 2

Lately, I’ve been addicted to SZA. She is soooooo awesome, as an artist, creative, and person! SZA released her album on June 9th, 2017! Check out her website, breakfast club interview, and BUY HER ALBUM! She’s going on tour this fall &&&& I can’t wait to see her!


Grace & Frankie

grace and frankie 2

I’ve been looking for new shows to watch on Netflix and Hulu and something told me to click on this show, ‘Grace & Frankie,’ and I’ve been in love ever since! This is a Networks original show about two women who become friends after sharing a crazy divorce story! There are 3 seasons on Netflix now and I literally watched all 3 seasons within a week or so. It is such a great show! I didn’t know what to expect, but it is hilarious and you have no choice but to fall in love with Grace and Frankie!

Clink To Watch On Netflix

grace and frankie


The Sauna

IMG_5907.JPGAs the summer has approached, my desire to workout and see the physical change has increased. I’ve used the sauna before and had a random thought to get back to it recently and I’ve been addicted ever since. I have a YMCA membership and there are a few locations that have a Sauna in the women’s locker room and I try to go after each workout for at least 20-30 minutes. *FYI, drink plenty of water and do what you’re comfortable with! I drink at least 20 oz of water before I go in and leave out every 10-15 minutes to cool down, drinking more water between each session. You’re recommended to stay for only 10 minutes and you can return after you’ve cooled down. I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin and really feel like I shed a few extra calories by using it!! Not to mention it is so therapeutic. I literally feel like a new person when I walk out. Sitting in silence can be a bit dull, so I usually leave my phone on the floor by the door with an inspirational message or speech playing. I wouldn’t recommend taking your phone all the way in!


Eat Pray Love


I’ve had this book for over 2 years. I sometimes find myself in half off books buying things and add them to my book shelf. I like to read. A lot. So I like to have books that I’m interested in available so that once I’m done reading one book, I have another one ready for me. This book is awesome. It is a book that touches your heart and speaks to your soul. Liz is on a spiritual journey and shares her experiences in this book. I know there is a movie for this book, but I haven’t seen it yet, but do plan to watch it soon, just to compare lol. If you’re looking for a great book to read, check it out!!

Quote for the month:

Anything Could Happen 


I’m sure you know this by now, but I try to find quotes to reflect on and live by. This is one That I have on my wall (check out my DIY post) and also on my computer to reflect on. For June, I’ve been feeling like, Anything Could Happen. . .



June was such a great month!

June Favorites


16 thoughts on “June Favorites

  1. LOVE THIS! Lol. I love Eat Pray Love. I love Grace and Frankie!! And I love this post! It’s so bright, refreshing and encouraging. It’s very motivational. I’ve been slacking on my gym/diet routine, but looking at this inspires me to step my game up. Lol. I miss the sauna. It really is so good for us. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, thanks girl!!! This is my first time doing a ‘favorites’ post so I wanted to make sure I included the good stuff I’ve been into. Eat. Pray. Love. Is really a great book!!! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually pick it up and read it. & I’ve actually started rewatching Grace and Frankie. Lol, just playing it in the background while I work on things catching funny moments I’ve missed before bc it’s that good lol.

      & yahhh, hope you get back into a better pattern with eating and working out. It’s so hard to keep things consistent, especially in the summer when there are so many fun things to do!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem!! Eat Pray Love is seriously a good book. From what I remember lol. I just remember her not hesitating–doing what she loved. Traveling. Taking chances. Finding herself. It convinced me that life is too short to live unhappy.
        Grace and Frankie is such a happy show!! Lol. Love it. And their vibrator shenanigans! Haha. I also like how the scene is a beach house. Can’t help but feel happy while I’m watching it.
        I will get back into my routine again. I know it. Usually around the holidays or birthdays I get off schedule. (excuses, excuses) Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, the book was all about her adventures through Italy, India, & Indonesia! It really makes me want to travel to all those places for extended visits and spend time really taking in the culture! & I love the beach house too and the fact that it’s more of a friendship story and not completely focused on love or even family. Just two ladies enjoying each other!!
        Lol, I’ll keep checking in to see if you’ve gotten back to a routine!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I love how Grace and Frankie seem to be ‘soulmates’. I got the impression they both can’t live without each other and I think that’s so cute! Love that show. Anyways, yes, please check up on me with my gym routine. Lol. I need a push sometimes. Hahaha. It’s weird, I’ll be on it for a couple weeks, and then I stop.
        I used to be overweight. I worked my ass off to lose the weight. Healthy eating, gym. But…times changes, and I guess I care a little less? I don’t know. I haven’t gained any of my weight back though. Maybe loss some muscle. I just try to watch what I eat. Sugar seriously impacts our weight. Thanks for the encouragement Ashley!!

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      4. Yes sugar is one of the things that we crave, but have to be extremely careful with! I’ve found healthy sugars (fruit, dark chocolate, maple syrup) to help me eat healthy while still enjoying good foods! It’s really a matter of discipline and self control! I’ll check in with you to see how it’s going ☺️


  2. PS just to clarify, I didn’t actually take my phone in the sauna with me. I just prefer to shower in scalding hot water which fogs up the bathroom, eventually ruining my phone (which was playing music at the time from a “safe” distance but still inside the bathroom) 😉

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  3. Hi gorgeous! Excellent list 🙂 I’m a huge fan of First Aid Beauty (so many stellar products)! Honeydew Melon sounds as lovely as it looks! Would you believe we don’t get Chocolate Almond Milk in my country (#thirdworldproblems)? lol Grace and Frankie sounds pretty interesting actually. I’ll be sure to check it out. I believe I’m probably the only person in the world at this point who hasn’t read Eat Pray Love (or even watched movie yet) for some reason haha Good call on leaving your phone outside the sauna… speaking from experience, it can damage the screen by permanently fogging it up (yes, I’m the idiot that took her phone in her lol) G’luck with the whole heath kick and keep up the great work! Your positivity is endearing ❤ Sending you lots of happy and positive vibes from Kuwait 🙂

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    1. Haha, thanks LULU! Yes, you have to try Honey dew melon & chocolate almond milk whenever you can (hate you don’t have it where you are 😬 but I’m sure regular chocolate milk is just as good!! I used to drink it in school! Do check out Eat Pray Love! It’s amazing, makes your heart smile ! & yes once I was in the sauna and my phone stopped playing because it said the temperature was too hot, can’t handle damaging my phone trying to enjoy the sauna lol. Thanks for stopping by and love of love back to Kuwait! 💖


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