Taking off 

I don’t know if there will ever be a good time to go. .

To move and take flight with all the energy, confidence, and courage you have when the dream or goal first comes to mind. And even some you didn’t know you had. Flying is so fascinating to me. It’s an entire operation with a system that started with a few guys believing that something like this was possible. They had one thought.

One idea, and BOW, it is now just apart of our everyday life. It is not something new or something that takes much training or adjusting to. And to be honest, for me, it is more entertaining than it is anything else. Being in the airport, all the energy of everyone flier for the first or millionth time. .

Going somewhere for the first or 50th time, or going home or to a new home. It is a place where you can be in contact, even if it is for a second, with so many different people on different walks of life, with different plans, and missions in life. . Just thinking about it gives me a chill…

Sure, once I have a private jet I may think differently, but I enjoy the entire experience of traveling. At some point I will be over the entire process of going through an airport but for now, I love it. Aside from that, I love flying. I love taking off, soaring, in the clouds. I love the view, it is such a calming experience that it is so hard to describe. I enjoy the clouds. I enjoy the sky. I enjoy the earth. I enjoy it all. It’s a constant reminder to me that this world is such a big place.

There is much to see.

Much to do…

But for now, I am just enjoying taking off. .

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