Soul Mates

I had to start asking myself if I believe in ‘soul mates.’ It felt like I was asking myself if I believe in magic.

soul mates.jpg

Is there someone out there in the world created just for me. Someone to show me the world in a way I never could have understood before? Someone who could teach me the language of love, a language I thought I knew but could barely speak before.

love jones 11

Sometimes I think we might have several soul mates. Several people who are able to show us the world. Teach us to love. This scares me sometimes because in believing in love, I want to believe that love doesn’t die.

Love lasts forever.

love jones 2

I don’t want to believe in temporary, momentary love. I want to believe in forever love. Love that lasts. Love that is so powerful it is hard to control. Love that makes you do things you would’ve never done before. Say things you would’ve never said before. Love, that makes you feel something. Say something, do something that only your soul can respond to. That, is what a soul mate does to you.

I do believe there is someone, maybe even more than one person) out there with a connection to your soul. I don’t know if they already have it, or if it is something that only happens if and when you come into contact with that person…Being at the right place and at the right time isn’t enough.

love jones 3

I think the right place is not only about being in the right place physically, but more so mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe the right time is a bit more than the time of day, I think it is about both of you being in the right space in your life.

love jones 9

Sometimes we come into contact with our soul mate and it isn’t the right time for either of you. Maybe it is never the right time and that moment you too connected and touched, even in the simplest way, was all you needed.

love jones 5

Maybe our soul mates are meant to bring us something or take us somewhere. I don’t know. I don’t know what the truth is about soul mates, but I do believe we have them. I do believe there are people we are connected to and people that our souls need, even if it is just for a moment. . .

I guess I do believe in magic. . & Soul Mates.


love jones 7

Nina: Sometimes I just wonder if I’m going too far with you. 

Darius: There’s no such place. This is a destiny type thing baby. 

-Love Jones 

Love Jones 1


13 thoughts on “Soul Mates

  1. love this post! & I must say i love the “Love Jones” pics lol…but I def agree in soul mates there are some people that you just connect with instantly and you can’t imagine life without them. It’s like they understand you in every way. I always believe you can have more than romantic soulmate in a lifetime!

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  2. This is beautiful. I think we do have soul mates, but also that they aren’t always romantic partners. Though I love my friends from childhood, there is something about meeting another adult that you instantly bond with that feels kind of magical. Sometimes I find myself analysing my relationships and WHY we get along so well, and why we did even before we had gotten to discussing all our shared opinions and hobbies. I figure there was just something in us that called out to the other, cheesy as that sounds. As a naturally shy person, this has felt even more true for me. There are some people I find it way easier to be myself around, without being able to put my finger on why.

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    1. You’re so right! I do think out friends and family have a soul connection to us in a very special and intended way. It’s as if we were all created with each other in mind. And I too have moments where I’ve been shy, so being able to connect and relate to someone else is certainly always a good and warm feeling!

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