Reach . Grab . Release .


I’ve been thinking a lot about the important things in life.

How do we make meaningful experiences, relationships, and choices?  I thought about traveling the world. How fulfilling it is seeing life and different cultures. I thought about the beautiful photos I would take and how we’re able to capture those memories with fancies cameras and phones.

I smiled because it is a beautiful things living in a time when we’re able to take such a beautiful memory with us. But then I thought, do we really take it with us? Are we experiencing it again through the picture or are we enjoying it in our hearts via the prompt the picture sparked in us? I thought, you can enjoy it but you can’t take it with you. And what do you do once you have it, or once you’ve seen it, enjoyed it?

So I started thinking, ‘Reach. Grab. Release.’


butterfly 6

This is literally what I thought to myself. I needed a way to understand and structure my own desire for experiencing life and the beautiful world we live in. I think with any experience, moment, or event we are meant to Reach for it. Grab it. And then Release it.


REACH: Reach is an action, physically, emotionally, and or spiritually. You reach with your heart, mind, or feet. Reach can be the desire you have in your heart for something or the tasks, wish list, or goals that you’ve set and are currently working on. Reach is what you do, it’s the action you take before you take the trip, accomplish the goal, make the connection.


GRAB: Once you’ve reached for it, you need to grab it. Accomplish it. Take the trip. Make the call. Do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do and grab it. Feel it. Experience it. Embrace it. Enjoy it.

Butterfly 3


RELEASE: Once you’ve taken it in, let go. Not of the memory, just of the moment. Enjoy it and truly let it transform you in whatever way it was intended to and then release it.

This could simply be by releasing your experience through telling someone about how you felt. Writing about it. Taking the pictures and posting them in an album or sharing thing with friends privately or publicly, i.e. social media. I think we’re meant to share our experiences. Share the good and happiness we’ve found in life and around the world.

We are all connected, in so many different ways. We develop and grow as people by sharing what we know, what we’ve seen, how we’ve changed. So releasing is not necessarily letting it go from your memory or life experience. It is more about letting it go into the world. Sharing it with other people. Allowing it to be sparked in you and somewhat transformed for other people, so that they too can walk away a little better from what you’ve experienced.


Go out and experience the world. Enjoy living. Embrace being.


Reach . Grab . & Release .

butterfly 5

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