A w a y

away pic.jpg

Sometimes, you just need to spend time away.

Alone, with yourself or people you love.

As I see my life changing, I’m taking time to love and enjoy those close to me.

I’ve been taking it all in.

When you think about where you are and where you want to be, you start to make adjustments and changes in order to where where and who you want to be.

And too often, we focus on the where more than the who.

I believe the ‘Who’ dictates the ‘Where.’

So, I’ve been away. Focusing on Who I want need to be.



14 thoughts on “A w a y

  1. Love this post! I’m trying to take everything in more recently since the months seem to be slipping by so fast! Thank you for reminding me to do so 😊

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  2. Dear Ashley,

    Indeed it is really important to breathe silence, to be with yourself or as you wrote also to be with dear ones. I think in a personal silent time where you are just alone, you can make really positve decisions how you would yourself like to be and in which direction your life goes on.

    Thanks for sharing and a good time

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