No Guts, no glory.

I think I finally understand the meaning of the statement, ‘No Guts, No Glory.’

Recently, I’ve been seeing this statement come into fruition.

I believe the term ‘guts’ as it is used in this phrase, refers to an individuals emotional state as it relates to doing something that is either uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or frightening. Having Guts refers to your ability to be brave, bold, and confident. ‘Guts,’ is something that is learned and practiced over time, through life experiences and personal achievements. You’re never born with confidence and Guts, they’re emotional that we’ve learned over time. Our guts are often pulled out of us by our family, friends, classmates, and colleagues.

Have no fear, you’ll know when you’ve got it! The way you think and feel will be different, trust me, you know when your happy, positive, and fearless. When you start to making bold decisions, you will see yourself and your circumstances change. You have to believe that there is always something good coming at the end of all your hard work. Because there always is. Even if it is just new life lessons, friendships, partnerships, increased finances, creative ideas, physical improvement, etc. those are all things that you learned as a result of doing something. The truth is, no matter what you do, life will always have an outcome for you.

Sometimes that outcome is simply the reality that we won’t be here forever. That is not to scare you, it is more to let you know that time is only our friend, when we’re taking advantage of it, when and how we can.

The only advantage we have with time is the fact that we know how to tell it. We understand the concept of day and night, hours and minutes, days and years. We can train ourselves to be the best we can be, if we choose to. Time, is a beautiful thing, is we utilize it correctly. Time and life go hand in hand.

Life is constantly moving around us and there is no such thing as control.

We just have to be.

We have to be bold, brave, confident, and happy, and here. We have to be present. We have to show up brave, confident, and ready to go! Trusting that life will forever work out for each of us, bringing more to us than it could ever take away.

That’s the glory: More Life.

More to do, be, say, have, experience. More life.

So, go out there and give life all the guys you’ve got!

Because No Guts, No Glory!

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