Second Wind


On our journeys, there will always be moments when we need to stop, either to take a rest or start over.

Too often we just keep going and going and going, not even realizing that the same energy, joy, and excitement we’ve started with has long gone.

Recently, I’ve been focusing on taking time to sit back and rest. I notice that by doing so, I move more efficiently and surprisingly more happily no matter if it is a new start, reset, or continued journey.

I’ve began to know this as a ‘second wind.’

I am a big, fan of ‘finish what you start,’ but I also believe that some things either have no ending or should be stopped before the end or goal is reached if necessary.

Taking a break to evaluate where you are, what you’re REALLY doing, and how you feel is the best way to give your mind, body, and spirit a break to see what is the best way to move forward.

When you have a job, typically there are paid 15 minute breaks or ‘rest periods’ that allow you to step away from your assignment/job/task. I like to look at these rest periods as a chance for employees to refresh themselves, which benefits both the employee and employer.

The same is true for your own life and personal endeavors. As you move forward with tasks, goals, and talents make sure you give yourself rest periods.

Give your mind a chance to rest, your body a chance to heal, and your soul a chance to be present.

When you go, go, go, go you’re not really thinking about what you’re doing anymore. You’re just moving and acting out of habit. That isn’t good for you or the things you’re working on.

Trust yourself.

Believe in the process.

Take your resting period.

&& Enjoy your second WINd.

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17 thoughts on “Second Wind

  1. I remember reading a couple of years ago a quote to the effect of “a lot of people never stay with a thing long enough to discover they have a ‘second wind.'”

    Here’s to you and your determination to finish what you start.


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