Let’s move

I’m on a plane to LA right now.

I can’t believe I got myself here. Just a month ago, I was staying with a friend. Just got into a very heated argument with my mom and left her place for good. I was homeless. Stressed and unsure of where this crazy journey was taking me. Things had started to look up, I was making a few moves, nothing major, but moves nonetheless. But I wasn’t moving big enough. Yes ‘big enough.’ I was just moving fast and going no where. I had a layover in Miami yesterday, arrived in Denver in the early hours today, and now I’m headed to Los Angelos, California. I’m excited, nervous, yet ready. You never know how bold you are until you have to do something you‘re afraid to do. I’m terrified. Moving thousands of miles away from my family and comfort zone is so hard, but necessary. I was in my own way. I always am. There is nothing anyone can do to hold you up, it’s you! So I’m taking the chance. I have no job lined up, no car, or stable place to stay. Just a resume, friends with rental car benefits, and a mentor with a guest room.

Let’s see how this goes . . .


4 thoughts on “Let’s move

  1. Wishing you great luck!! It is my dream to move to LA after I graduate, so I’m putting it out there that it will work for you and hopefully we can link up if I make it down!


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