8 Area You Can Pressure Wash In Your Home

8 Area You Can Pressure Wash In Your Home

If you are thinking of buying a pressure washer, renting one, or have received one as a gift, you need to know things around your home that you can clean with the machine. Many individuals are unsure of how to use their power washers. A 2 in 1 pressure washer is a powerful tool to help remove built-up dust and dirt, mildew, grease, and algae inside and outside your property. Before purchasing a washer, you need to know the cleaning tasks you will be undertaking. Consequently, you will be able to find something that will suit your needs. You also need to read the manufacturer’s instructions to get the proper guidance. Here are some of the things you can pressure wash.

Things to pressure wash

There are numerous objects in your home that you can pressure wash. These items have been highlighted below.

1. Lawn furniture

Your outdoor furniture will likely look dirty after the winter season if you lack adequate space to store them inside. You can use a pressure washer to clean your patio furniture at a low setting, as power washing minimizes cleaning time. Medium and light-duty washers are gentle, so they cannot break the seats. Ensure you test the pressure on a small area first to avoid damaging the surface.

2. Fence

Homeowners use attractive vinyl or wood fences to increase their home’s aesthetics. But with time, the fences will collect dust, mud, and algae, reducing curb appeal. You can pressure wash your fence to eliminate the accumulated dirt. While vinyl and hardwoods can withstand higher pressure, softwoods may splinter, so you need to use a low-setting.

3. Siding

A medium-duty pressure washer will be perfect for cleaning a discolored or dingy vinyl siding. You can clean your aluminum or wood siding with a pressure washer. However, use a lower pressure setting to avoid dents on the aluminum or chipped-off paint from the wood.

4. Garden paths

Widespread moss and algae and the accumulation of dirt can make your garden paths less inviting. You can blast away these things using a power washer. Before pressure washing, ensure you cover living plants in your sight to protect them.

5. You can pressure wash your driveway

Driveways accumulate dirt from sticky shoes, dust from nearby roads, and dripping vehicle fluids. Accumulation of the dirt weakens the surface over time. Be sure to use a medium-duty machine since it can remove stubborn dirt and debris more effectively than light-duty. But, its pressure is not high enough to cause damage.

6. Deck

If your deck’s appeal has been diminished by accumulated dust and debris, power washing could help restore its look. Ensure you use that appropriate pressure setting depending on the wood to avoid damaging the surface.

7. Garbage cans

Garbage cans collect all kinds of dirt, from small debris to kitchen leftovers. The dirt can stink up and stain your cans, prompting you to pressure wash them. A power washer with an attached scrub brush will be ideal for a thorough job. Also, use minimal pressure to avoid damaging the garbage cans.

8. Garage floors

Garages tend to accumulate dirt, oil, and grease over time. You are likely to encounter oil stains from automotive fluids on the floor. It is time to do a good cleaning by using a power washer. Set the machine to a low pressure to spray degreasing solution ad let it sit for some minutes before switching to a higher setting to rinse the floor.


Pressure washing can be an undeniably powerful tool, but you should also be careful with it. You need to follow instructions to prevent damages when cleaning.