Why I Blog?

  When I was a little girl (how all fairy tales begin) I dreamt of having my own life. I know that sounds crazy, but I've always felt so attached to other people's lives. I wanted to be able to have and influence my own. That might sound a little crazy, but I was the … Continue reading Why I Blog?

The Cramm Blog Award!

    I have another Blog Award!! ** Thank you so much Shay from Fitness Grad for thinking of me and for sharing all of your knowledge and wisdom on your blog! Check out her blog here: https://fitness9555.wordpress.com/ The Cramm Award was created by Liv, the owner of theCramm, an awesome blog, visit it here to … Continue reading The Cramm Blog Award!

Childlike Faith

I've always been strong, courageous, a warrior. I was in the shower thinking about a few memories from my childhood and starting thinking about one of my favorite songs as a child. My God Mother introduced me to God and spirituality through church, music, and prayer. One of my favorite songs was 'Can't give up … Continue reading Childlike Faith

1 year later: Afraid but ready

This weekend, and many weekends to come, people will be graduating from high school, college, graduate school, etc. My mom tagged me in a photo of 1 year ago from today, which was my 2nd college graduation. I remember that moment, it feels somewhat how I feel today. Afraid but ready. Honestly, it is much … Continue reading 1 year later: Afraid but ready

I’m Happiest When . . .

I'm the happiest when I feel free. When I feel that I'm free to think, be, do. I could never image being imprisoned. I don't think I could ever be happy. I know happiness is a state of mind and I'm sure there is a way to find peace, but I am happiest when I … Continue reading I’m Happiest When . . .

6 Week Challenge – Wk 3 Update

Week 3 has started pretty good! I can see change, physically and emotionally. I feel like I am more excited about working out and eating right, so it makes being healthy feel good! I've been back on track working out and eating right. I've been doing smoothies for breakfast and dinner, it has been going … Continue reading 6 Week Challenge – Wk 3 Update

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday might be the one Sunday I remember as a little girl. It was one of the only times out of the year my dress was much bigger than me and it was the same as my sisters and most likely matched my brothers suit. I do remember egg hunting, thinking, wow another time of … Continue reading Easter Sunday

Moving around Atlanta. . .

Atlanta, you're so beautiful. So much to see. So much to do. I rode around for my 1st hour here looking at houses, admiring how big and beautiful they are. Creating characters and lives of the people who I assume live there. Or stay there. Living is one thing. Staying somewhere is another. I am … Continue reading Moving around Atlanta. . .

My 1st Flight

My first flight was out of the country, to Jamaica and I went with my best friend and her family. I was super nervous because I had never flown before and although I was looking forward to the vacation, I wasn't looking forward to facing my fear of flying. But I guess I was happy … Continue reading My 1st Flight

Following & Leading ?

I don't have issues with authority. I have issues with people who demand that others listen and follow them. I don't want to. I'm not going to. Who told you, you were a leader? How do you know you were not called to follow? Some people think that age or position creates this circle and … Continue reading Following & Leading ?