Second Wind

On our journeys, there will always be moments when we need to stop, either to take a rest or start over. Too often we just keep going and going and going, not even realizing that the same energy, joy, and excitement we've started with has long gone. Recently, I've been focusing on taking time to … Continue reading Second Wind

6 Week Challenge – Wk 3 Update

Week 3 has started pretty good! I can see change, physically and emotionally. I feel like I am more excited about working out and eating right, so it makes being healthy feel good! I've been back on track working out and eating right. I've been doing smoothies for breakfast and dinner, it has been going … Continue reading 6 Week Challenge – Wk 3 Update

Working out & Eating Right when traveling

Whenever I travel, I always bring a set of workout clothes and shoes. This helps me stay on track with working out, even if I don't have access to a gym. I knew I was going somewhere with warm weather and even if it were going to be cold, I believe in YouTube university. I know … Continue reading Working out & Eating Right when traveling

6 Wk Challenge Day 4

I took it slow today. I had a long night last night and didn't get much sleep, yet here I am up close to the end of the day, literally. It is almost over, And it will never be again. Life has a way of making us excited about the current moment and the  next journeys of … Continue reading 6 Wk Challenge Day 4

Day 2: 6 week challenge

Today is day 2 of my 6 week challenge. Workout Morning Yoga: Read & walk: 20 minutes at 2.9mph Evening Workout: 1hour of Body Pump at YMCA Evening Read & Walk: 20 Minutes at 2.9mph Bedtime Yoga: What I ate today Breakfast: Fresh Fruit: Grapes, melon, pinapple, orange slices Egg Scrambler: Egg whites, … Continue reading Day 2: 6 week challenge

Day 1: 6 Week Challenge

[4/3/17] Today is the first day of my 6 week summer body challenge.   Workouts:  Early Morning Yoga(5 Min): Late Morning Cardio: 40 minute walk ( 2.9mph), -while reading of course Afternoon Workout: *workout challenge*  Evening Yoga: 1 hour group yoga at YMCA   What I ate Today *I start each day with a full … Continue reading Day 1: 6 Week Challenge

6 Week Summer Body Challenge 

Want to join my 6 week summer body challenge???? I thought I needed to start a small group with a few people who wanted to work out, and got more inquiries than expected. So, I decided to create this post for those who will not be able to join the private GroupMe and anyone looking … Continue reading 6 Week Summer Body Challenge 

I never wanted to be skinny or sexy, I wanted to be comfortable: My weight loss Journey!

In the past 2 years, my weight has gone down and up and down and up. There are many factors have effected my weight gain and loss. My schedule School Work Stress The beach Pictures Love -I could go I wanted to lose weight in 2014 because I was super uncomfortable with my body. … Continue reading I never wanted to be skinny or sexy, I wanted to be comfortable: My weight loss Journey!