I never wanted to be skinny or sexy, I wanted to be comfortable: My weight loss Journey!

In the past 2 years, my weight has gone down and up and down and up. There are many factors have effected my weight gain and loss. My schedule School Work Stress The beach Pictures Love -I could go on...lol I wanted to lose weight in 2014 because I was super uncomfortable with my body. … Continue reading I never wanted to be skinny or sexy, I wanted to be comfortable: My weight loss Journey!


Maybe, we’re not meant to be understood…

I was thinking to myself, 'You know, some people will never understand you.' -& then I thought, 'I don't know if we were ever really meant to be understood.' There is beauty in what is unknown. If you don't know a person, that means there is so much more to explore within and with that … Continue reading Maybe, we’re not meant to be understood…

I’m Doing Book Reviews

I read.          A lot.  Usually I take what I've read and jot down notes, ideas, and thoughts into a journal that I like to call my 'reading journal' [check out my 'journaling 1-on-1' video on YouTube- Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOdkrhbCNc0&t=129s ]. Lately, I've been regretting keep all those gems and my insight on … Continue reading I’m Doing Book Reviews

I have so much to say

I have so much to say...  I've been thinking of ways to express myself and understand the world. There are so many words, yet I've said nothing. I am overwhelmed with things to say that I am at a crossroad, trying to figure out what to say and what to hold back. But I have … Continue reading I have so much to say

Just be

‪Thriving not surviving. ‬ ‪Living not healing. ‬ ‪Seeking not found. ‬ I think we sometimes try to compare where we were to where we are. Where were going or where we want to be to where we've been. It is always better to embrace the moment. Focus on the moment. Focus on how you … Continue reading Just be

There was this one time …

So I'm in Chicago for the weekend, one of my best friends is having a baby and she's having her baby shower here. I'm super excited for her. It's crazy seeing your friends grow and develop into amazing people...  Chicago has always been special for me. I've fell out of love, into love, and expanded … Continue reading There was this one time …

Waiting … 

I learned how to be more patient by waiting. Waiting is good👀 It's not too bad when you have a good spirit and maybe a good book to read. Or a good podcast to listen to, or a good album to catch up with. Depends on what you're waiting for. I learned how to wait … Continue reading Waiting … 

How Did I get Here?

I had to take a few minutes to think about why I am where I am. Not that it is a bad place or a good place, it is just where I am. Right now. It's not where I will always be and it's not where I've been, so there is much to be said … Continue reading How Did I get Here?

Thoughts before bed

As I reflect on my day, I lay in bed thinking about how productive I've been today. I know, I'm super weird and corny but I take great pride in utilizing my time, especially my weekends wisely. There are days when I relax and let my hair down. I travel often and I will be … Continue reading Thoughts before bed

I need more CRAZY friends

  I've been thinking, I need more friends. Not better friends. Just more crazy friends. When you say you need better friends, it  seems like you're putting your current friends down, and I love my friends. I love everything about who they are, what they do, and how we contribute to each others lives. But … Continue reading I need more CRAZY friends