The countdown … 46, 45, 44..

The time has come again for us to finish out another year with family, friends, food, and sometimes gifts. I look back at 2018 in amazement of all that has happened and everything that didn't. I changed. Life is and never will be the same and I can't believe I am where I am today. … Continue reading The countdown … 46, 45, 44..


I saw a free bird today. . .

We see birds and assume they're always on their way somewhere. We're trained to think that movement must be related to a destination, a journey, an end goal. But I saw a bird today who was just flying. Flying in circles with no destination in mind, but enjoying having it's wings out, soaring, loving the wind, … Continue reading I saw a free bird today. . .

I stopped trying to save the world…

Growing up, I thought I could save the world. As a little girl, I would see the hurt and suffering around me and I thought if there was one thing I could do, it would be to make people feel better. To make people happier in this world. I didn't really know what it meant, … Continue reading I stopped trying to save the world…