Soul Mates

I had to start asking myself if I believe in 'soul mates.' It felt like I was asking myself if I believe in magic. Is there someone out there in the world created just for me. Someone to show me the world in a way I never could have understood before? Someone who could teach … Continue reading Soul Mates



For the first time I think I finally understand real love. I can hardly explain it and I have to close my eyes every now & then to see it. I looked and sometimes there is another person, but most of the time it is..Me. It's a Feeling. I like to think that often times … Continue reading Love

There was this one time …

So I'm in Chicago for the weekend, one of my best friends is having a baby and she's having her baby shower here. I'm super excited for her. It's crazy seeing your friends grow and develop into amazing people...  Chicago has always been special for me. I've fell out of love, into love, and expanded … Continue reading There was this one time …