The countdown … 46, 45, 44..

The time has come again for us to finish out another year with family, friends, food, and sometimes gifts. I look back at 2018 in amazement of all that has happened and everything that didn't. I changed. Life is and never will be the same and I can't believe I am where I am today. … Continue reading The countdown … 46, 45, 44..

I Need Your Help!

Hey Guys, I'm just a few subscribers shots of the new YouTube requirement of 1,000 and would love your help meeting that goal. Here's the link to my YouTube channel. Do me a favor & subscribe PLEASE !    

Second Wind

On our journeys, there will always be moments when we need to stop, either to take a rest or start over. Too often we just keep going and going and going, not even realizing that the same energy, joy, and excitement we've started with has long gone. Recently, I've been focusing on taking time to … Continue reading Second Wind

Have You No Shame?

No . I would be lying if I said I've never been ashamed of something I've done before. But I'm not really ashamed of anything anymore. With shame comes guilt and I've been in such a place of acceptance and forgiveness of myself and other people that I have no room for shame. I've come … Continue reading Have You No Shame?

Day 1: 6 Week Challenge

[4/3/17] Today is the first day of my 6 week summer body challenge.   Workouts:  Early Morning Yoga(5 Min): Late Morning Cardio: 40 minute walk ( 2.9mph), -while reading of course Afternoon Workout: *workout challenge*  Evening Yoga: 1 hour group yoga at YMCA   What I ate Today *I start each day with a full … Continue reading Day 1: 6 Week Challenge

I never wanted to be skinny or sexy, I wanted to be comfortable: My weight loss Journey!

In the past 2 years, my weight has gone down and up and down and up. There are many factors have effected my weight gain and loss. My schedule School Work Stress The beach Pictures Love -I could go I wanted to lose weight in 2014 because I was super uncomfortable with my body. … Continue reading I never wanted to be skinny or sexy, I wanted to be comfortable: My weight loss Journey!