The countdown … 46, 45, 44..

The time has come again for us to finish out another year with family, friends, food, and sometimes gifts. I look back at 2018 in amazement of all that has happened and everything that didn't. I changed. Life is and never will be the same and I can't believe I am where I am today. … Continue reading The countdown … 46, 45, 44..

How Did I get Here?

I had to take a few minutes to think about why I am where I am. Not that it is a bad place or a good place, it is just where I am. Right now. It's not where I will always be and it's not where I've been, so there is much to be said … Continue reading How Did I get Here?

…Just DO IT!

 Just do everything you want to do. There are too many people living lives and working jobs they hate. That can't be me- & it shouldn't be you! I had to tell myself, 'Just Do It!' I've been talking about starting a YouTube Channel for years and I'm finally doing it. Once you step out on faith … Continue reading …Just DO IT!

Life Is A Photo Shoot

I had my branding photo shoot the first Sunday of the year and it was so amazing! After it was over, it made me think about the lens we take on life. If you're not in front of the camera, you're behind it capturing someone else's life and special moments. Get in front of the camera … Continue reading Life Is A Photo Shoot