The countdown … 46, 45, 44..

The time has come again for us to finish out another year with family, friends, food, and sometimes gifts. I look back at 2018 in amazement of all that has happened and everything that didn't. I changed. Life is and never will be the same and I can't believe I am where I am today. … Continue reading The countdown … 46, 45, 44..


I’ve Been Dreaming, Chasing Imagination

While sitting in a meeting, I had a thought about something that I had dreamed about recently. & then it hit me, I've been dreaming! I wake up in the morning and get myself ready to start the day, but I've neglected to ask myself, 'did you dream last night? How did you sleep? How … Continue reading I’ve Been Dreaming, Chasing Imagination

I searched for a meaning to life . . . 

I searched... for a really long time for some meaning to my life. I needed to find a reason why all of this was happening inside of me, around me. Why the world continues to spin and no matter what happens, life goes on. How could time never stop? How do we see people we … Continue reading I searched for a meaning to life . . .