Thank God for daylight saving …#HappySpring

The 1st two week after daylight savings time has been awesome for me! I know some people have a hard time adjusting, but I appreciated the longer days! I feel like I am able to get so much more done and I can really appreciate the day. Although it is dark when I get up, … Continue reading Thank God for daylight saving …#HappySpring


I have so much to say

I have so much to say...  I've been thinking of ways to express myself and understand the world. There are so many words, yet I've said nothing. I am overwhelmed with things to say that I am at a crossroad, trying to figure out what to say and what to hold back. But I have … Continue reading I have so much to say

Waiting … 

I learned how to be more patient by waiting. Waiting is good👀 It's not too bad when you have a good spirit and maybe a good book to read. Or a good podcast to listen to, or a good album to catch up with. Depends on what you're waiting for. I learned how to wait … Continue reading Waiting …