Day 2: 6 week challenge

Today is day 2 of my 6 week challenge. Workout Morning Yoga: Read & walk: 20 minutes at 2.9mph Evening Workout: 1hour of Body Pump at YMCA Evening Read & Walk: 20 Minutes at 2.9mph Bedtime Yoga: What I ate today Breakfast: Fresh Fruit: Grapes, melon, pinapple, orange slices Egg Scrambler: Egg whites, … Continue reading Day 2: 6 week challenge


6 Week Summer Body Challenge 

Want to join my 6 week summer body challenge???? I thought I needed to start a small group with a few people who wanted to work out, and got more inquiries than expected. So, I decided to create this post for those who will not be able to join the private GroupMe and anyone looking … Continue reading 6 Week Summer Body Challenge